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Entry #51

well I'm a marine now

2014-03-20 21:09:28 by AndrewTheNinja

after 13 weeks of boot camp I am now a marine. It's a pretty awesome feeling, and the money is pretty nice too. I've never felt this proud of anything in my life. If any of you are thinking about joining the marines I can offer you this piece of advice, it's going to suck. no matter what it's going to suck sometimes. it just depends on what you make of the situation. It can suck some of the time or all of the time. but if you come at it with a negative attitude I can gurantee that it will always suck. in fact, moments that suck the most are the moments that you will always remember. You'll be standing in the cold waiting for rifle qualification saying "man fuck this" but then later on you'll be talking with you're buddies about how bad it sucked and laughing about it. trust me I know. but it is deffinetly worth the sacrifice and suffering. You're blood sweat and tears will go into the uniform you wear and everytime you put that uniform on you will feel a change in yourself. because you aren't just another person anymore. If you want to know how it feels, then just go for it. or else you will always wonder how it would have felt. Carpe diem


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