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lol i bet most here didn't quite get the facade thing. what an amazing game. i think i'll play it now

A very deep and thrilling story about a man's race against time and penises. the plot was utterly fantastic. the begining was alittle slow but it really started to pick up with the second person. When the first door knock came, my heart completely stopped. but then I was so relieved to see that it was the pizza guy. This made me feel happy because I love pizza. although I don't really like pepperoni, but I can tolerate it most of the time. The problem with pepperoni is not that it is spicy, but that I feel it is unneccesary to my pizza eating experience. I would just like to enjoy my basicly formed pizza without any of your pepperoni's jazzing things up. I feel that I have been side tracked... Oh yes and then the second knock came and I realized that the threat had not yet subsided. At this point it began to dawn on me that the man in the blue shirt's fate had been sealed. when He opened the door and the black penis was there, I knew that no amount of "nio nio nio nio's" could save him. I knew... that it was too late...
over all a very good animation with a bone chilling ending...
P.S. if you haven't guessed, I am partial to cheese pizza over pepperoni.

To say there were no references would be false due to the creeper face behind the counter at the pony store. very nice animation, it's been said many times before, but very old cartoon esque. corny jokes did not deter from the comedy, even though there weren't really any hilarious, "laugh out loud" parts, but thats just me. I'm suprised that there haven't been any follow ups, due to the style. it seems that it would be easy to build a story board for it.
another common phrase, keep it up

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great game play and hilarious rendition of the movie. I can tell you also read alittle bit of the book judging by some of the details you added. a over all good game with some nice little touches to it.

lol no way

i got the beta a while ago and lately i've been painstakingly trying to make my own custom skin but this realy helped.

lol charlie

pretty amazing. i was just concidering all of the game capabilities that rebecca black's song presented. and I believe you are the first to make one.

Manly-Chicken responds:

What about the "Rebecca Whack" game?

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Oh my god this is perfect for my class project for schizophrenia. I hope u wouldn't mind if i used it. It's very good lol

lol realy good

your realy good at guitar. personaly i hate to finger pick. i always use a light pick. when ever i finger pick it always sounds fuzzy. and i just mostly play in chords. since i sing and play guiitar trying to do something like this while i sing would make my brain explode. well anyway the recording isnt bad. just alittle fuzzy when you did a full strum. pretty damn good for a live recording tho

tcholloventura responds:

Thanks man, I appreciate your review and I'm really glad you like it. ^^
I can't sing on it too. It's Kinda tricky to do it even if I want it... (hope I can find some good vocalist/songwriter on a near future).
But my real business is with instrumentals. Cause I'm not a good song writer.
Hope I can hear some of your stuff too!
Peace and thanks once again.

aw i know what thats like

i've always had alot of senior friend since freshmen year and it sucks to see everyone go every year. this is amazing for 4 hours. i'm sure your friend loved it

Keegs responds:

She certainly did! Thanks for the review!

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Your title is a lie...


which one is judas?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

the guy with unicorn neck hanging out of his mouth.

interesting escape

i gotta say, goose man is one of the more complex characters on newgrounds

I'm a singer, song writer, keyboard...ist, drummer, and a guitarist. on the side i do karate and draw little crappy comics every now and again.

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